Photo of the Day - Close Quarters

Photo of the Day - Close Quarters

Okinawa is a small island, only about 70 miles long, and so space is always at a premium. I'm always impressed with how space, no matter how small is used to it's maximum potential. I took this photo this weekend, on one of the rare nice days we've had recently. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the small road to the right is only about 8-10 feet wide and ascends to what feels like an almost 90 degree angle upwards until it meets with the road pictured on the left. In the mindle are several houses, a 10 story apartment building, and a park with a walking path, a pond and a climbing/ play area for children. All of this in an area smaller the size of an American football field.

Photo of the Day - Kin Village Coastline

Photo of the Day - Kin Village Coastline

Today's photo is a beautiful scene from the coastline of Kin Village in Okinawa. I never tire of views like this here in Okinawa.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. 

Tsuken (Carrot) Island

A couple a weeks ago I took the ferry out to Tsuken Island about 15 minutes east of Okinawa to shoot their annual Dragon Boat races.  Tsuken is one of the islands I can see from my home (although I didn't figure this out until after I got back).  

Riding on the ferry to Tsuken Island. - Fuji x100.

Arriving at Tsuken Island. Fuji x100.

Everyone there is pretty much either a fisherman or a farmer, with carrots being their crop of choice. 

Tsuken Island Port. Fuji x100.

Farmland on Tsuken Island. Fuji x100.

Streets of Tsuken Island. Fuji x100.

While you can rent a bike for the day for ¥500 (about $5.00) and ride around there's not much to see really.  I'm told that the waters around the island are great for snorkelling however. 

Small fishing port on the east side of the island. Fuji X-Pro1, 35mm f1.4.

I think I was the only foreigner on the island that day but I was welcomed with open arms and treated very kindly by everyone. 

Two very kind ladies at a local (possibly the only) restaurant helping me decide on which Kakigori (shaved Ice) flavor to get.  Food was great too as I eat lunch there later. Fuji x100.