7 Plus Jet Black vs iPhone 8 Plus

It’s that time of year again when Apple has iPhone fans in a frenzy over their latest and greatest release. This year we got not one, but two new iPhones to choose from. Apple released the iPhone 8 (skipping a 7s model) and the all new 10th Anniversary iPhone X preorders start October 27th.

iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black and AirPods

iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black and AirPods

Now I assumed I would upgrade to the new iPhone and replace my current Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus as I have for the past few years, but this year I decided it was just too expensive to end my contract early, pay off the balance on my 7 and then pay even more for the new iPhone X. I never really considered the new iPhone 8 Plus, although it’s nice with the glass back, visually I actually think my Jet Black 7 Plus is nicer. Since the Jet Black is polished it looks like glass, and the edges don’t look aluminum, although I think they still are they just look more metal-like being polished.

iPhone 8 Plus screenshot from Apple’s website. 

iPhone 8 Plus screenshot from Apple’s website. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, the iPhone 8 Plus aluminum edge is more pronounced (especially on the black version) and has a very different look than the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Nice but not enough.

Don’t get me wrong the iPhone 8 is a beautiful phone. Apple added new bells and whistles to distinguish it from it’s predecessor the iPhone 7, but if the new iPhone X wasn’t being released next month would the new features of the iPhone 8 be enough to entice me to upgrade? Maybe not.

  • I’m sure the faster A11 Bionic chip is noticeably faster at processor intensive task like games or maybe the new AR apps (not sure about this one yet as it’s too early) but after playing with it in the store it simply feels a little snappier at best. My 7 Plus has never felt slow ever, so snappier is of course relative. 
  • Slightly larger camera sensor, although I have yet to read any details on how much larger and from the sample photos out I don’t see much of a difference if any in quality. 
  • Optical image stabilization on both lenses. The iPhone 7 Plus only has Optical Stabilization on the wide lens. This is nice but not enough alone to justify the upgrade for me at least. 
  • New Portrait Lighting filter system that enables the user to simulate different types of lighting like studio lighting. Nice but not an upgrade feature online for me. (This is currently in beta)
  • Wireless charging. This is pretty nice, maybe I would consider upgrading for it, maybe.

Again, the fact that the iPhone X is coming out next month with all of these features and a whole new design with an OLED screen has to be taken into context here. Maybe the new feature of the iPhone 8 would seem like a bigger deal otherwise. Also I’m only comparing it with my Jet Black 7 Plus which is very distinctive looking if you have ever held one (I think it’s the best looking iPhone Apple has made). Mine has lived in an Apple leather case since day one, so I only appreciate this distinctiveness when I’m switching cases—I have 4 cases in different colors that I alternate to match my Apple Watch band and what I’m wearing. Yea I’m kind of nuts like that.


I realize of course It’s possible I’m simply trying to make myself feel better since I have decided I’m not upgrading this cycle. At the end of the day the new iPhone 8 is another great product from Apple that I’m sure anyone who buys one will love, but for me I’ll keep enjoying my Jet Black 7 Plus for another year. Rumor has it that the next iPhone X will be 6.5 inchs compared to the 5.8 inch being released this year, and that would put it closer in physical size to the current Plus models. I’m sure by then I’ll be itching to upgrade.

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