Quote of the Day

"So many people think cameras and lenses are getting better. They are. But cameras are stupid no matter how "great" they are. They know nothing. They don't come with vision. There isn't a Decisive Moment Indicator light in the viewfinder. There's no Avedon button on the back. The most important piece of gear for a photographer is their brain."

Quote of the Day - Saul Leiter

In order to build a career and to be successful, one has to be determined. One has to be ambitious. I much prefer to drink coffee, listen to music and to paint when I feel like it.
— Saul Leiter (1923 – November 26, 2013)

Quote of the Day

Although this quote is not from a photographer, I still think it's applicable.

Medium Format Film Camera and Kodak Film

We become what we behold. We shape our tools and our tools shape us.
— Marshall McLuhan - (1911-1980)