iPhone Pic of the Day

iPhone Pic of the Day

This is a shot I took with my iPhone 6s Plus at Kafuu Resort. The clouds blocked the sunset but it was still a cool scene.

Photo of the Day - Rice Planting

Photo of the Day - Rice Planting

Happy Friday everyone. According to an article in the Ryukyu Shimpo, the first rice planting of the season has begun in Yaeyama. Reading the article made me think of this photo I took a couple years back with my Fuji X-Pro1 of a rice farmer near Onna, Okinawa working in his rice paddies. Thanks for stopping by today. 

Hazy Manzamo Sunset

Hazy Manzamo Sunset

I know it seems like I'm posting too many sunsets this week, but I was in the Manzamo area tonight, so I stopped to spent a few minutes enjoying the hazy sunset we were having. The sailboat, or whatever that type of boat is called, came into the picture just as the sun was nearing the low clouds that seem to always be there during sunset in Okinawa. 

Manza Point

Manza point, or Manzamo as it's called here is one of my favorite spots on the island for great views and photos. Off in the distance you can see Manza Hotel and Resort.

Manza Point - Okinawa, Japan. Fuji X-Pro1, 18mm f2.0.

Maeda Point

Been a while since I posted.  Thought I would post a couple photos from a recent trip out to Maeda Point, a popular snorkeling and diving location here in Okinawa.   This is a small beach about a hundred meters to the left of the main entrance.  I never grow tired of scenes like this.

Maeda Point, Okinawa, Japan. Fuji x100

Maeda Point, Okinawa, Japan. Fuji x100.


Phone: 098-982-5339

〒904-0417 Okinawa Prefecture, Kunigami District, Onna, Maeda, 469−1

Enter the phone number in your smartphone map app for GPS driving directions.


The Winding Road ..

Cool winding road / bridge I found the other day. 

The Winding Road - Okinawa, Japan.

Cafe Doka Doka

Cool little cafe near Moon Beach that serves homemade pizzas, taco rice and curry in addition to a selection of tea and coffee.  Deserts weren't too bad either. :)  They also have a large selection of pottery for sale including the tea cup set shown here.  It was raining and cloudy when I went but there's an awesome view of Maeda Point and Moon Beach on a clear day.

Cafe Doka Doka, Okinawa.