Okinawa Photo Journal Entry No. 3

Okinawa Photo Journal Entry No. 3

Okinawa Photo Journal is an ongoing series of post devoted to random photos from the things I see living here in Okinawa, Japan. Feel free to like, comment and share if you enjoy the photos. Thanks for visiting. TA😊

Return to Film

I'm returning to film after over a decade of shooting all digital.  I'm not going all film as I still think digital has it's place in photography, but for the first time in a long time I'm accepting the fact that while the film process is much slower and seemingly inefficient compared to digital it's still a large part of the art of photography.

My daughter Summer - Bronica and Kodak Ektar 100 Film. Scanned from print.

I haven't purchased a camera yet as I'm still debating on which one I'll buy and I need to get myself back up to speed before I start spending money.  In the meantime a coworker of mine who is heavy into film and has many cameras loaned me one of his to play with, a Bronica Zanza medium format.

Bronica Zanza Medium Format Camera

I have a new portrait project I'm starting and I'm considering shooting with both film and digital so stay tuned for more.