Tokyo Color with the Fuji x100T Part 3

Tokyo Color with the Fuji x100T Part 3

My final full day in Tokyo combined Ginza, the Tokyo Dome area, and Taylor Swift fans. Ginza is one of those parts of Tokyo that I always feel out of place in, but I wanted to visit the Leica store there as I heard it's really nice and a must visit. Now that I can say that I've been there, looked at and held several Leicas, All I can say is, maybe one day. Enough said.  😊

Lilies in Bloom

Lilies are in full bloom this time of year in Okinawa and can be seen all over the island.  I took this photo outside Sam's by the Sea in Awase the other night while out with my family for dinner.

Lilies blooming in Okinawa, Japan. - Fuji x100.