4th of July

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans and especially to the US service men and women serving around the world to keep us free.  Here's a shot I took at the Kadena AmericaFest fireworks show last weekend.

Fuji x100s, 2 sec exposure at f8.0

Remember shooting fireworks is all about timing. Try to time when you press the shutter to right before the explosion. Also, use a tripod if possible since your shutter speed will need to be long to capture the full burst.  If your shooting with an iPhone try using a slow shutter app, or use burst mode and hold down the shutter for a couple seconds to fire off a series of shots. Most of all, have fun.

Happy 4th of July America

I took this from a park off of Jagaru road overlooking Chatan.  I've shot this same image (minus) the fireworks before and it came out nice and sharp, but this time it's not as sharp.  Could have been the humidity as it was crazy hot.  So while I couldn't make a large print of it, it's still not bad at smaller sizes and on the web.  Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.

Fireworks over the Chatan Skyline - Okinawa, Japan. - Fuji X-Pro1, 18mm f2.0