Curcuma Thai Restaurant

Today I drove down south near Chinen as part of a Spicy Food feature we are working on for Okinawa Living  to try out a dish from a Thai restaurant in the area called Curcuma.  Curcuma sits on the cliffs overlooking the eastern coastline of Okinawa and has a spectacular view.  Today's blue skies and turquoise colored water made the view breathtaking.

East coastline of Okinawa, Japan near Chinen.

Since this was not a standard restaurant review we were able to get right to the heart of the reason for our trip.  Tasting Curcuma's hottest dish, the green curry loaded with 25 hot red peppers!  At least thats the number the staff told us. :)  While the dish was hot no doubt about it, it wasn't so hot that you couldn't still taste and enjoy the flavor.  Although I would recommend passing on the water and chasing everything down with some type of milk based drink which is much more effective at cooling the burn from the peppers. So I'm told.

Thai Green Curry at Curcuma Thai Restaurant.

All in all I would definitely recommend the restaurant.  Food was good, the view was fantastic and the drive wasn't that bad either.  As for the peppers... proceed at your own risk. :)