The Polaroid Camera Reborn

The original Polaroid Model 100 Instant film camera was released by Polaroid in 1963. Less than 10 years later, in 1972 Polaroid released the SX-70 fully automatic, folding Polaroid camera which was selling over 5000 per day within a year of it's release. A company named "Impossible" bought the last Polaroid factory in 2008 days before it closed. Since that day they have reinvented the formula and now will offer original instant format film. Sizes are available in the original Polaroid 600 and SX-70 SIZE in addition to a large format 8x10 size. In May of this year Impossible is releasing a brand new instant film camera called the Impossible I-1 and is also selling a system to allow you to print instant photos using existing images from your smartphone. Check out the story below to read more on the Impossible I-1 and visit the Impossible website to learn more about their other products.

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