Sake Infused KitKat - why not, right?

KitKat here in Japan is something of a cultural phenomenon. Not content to offer just a few varieties of chocolate, Nestlé in Japan has introduced over 200 flavors of the crunchy, chocolate pieces of sweet delight, according to (of course there's a website for this😊).  Flavors have ranged from simple things like banana, creme brûlée and green tea, to slightly out of the norm flavors such as soy sauce, wasabi and now sake flavor with 0.8% alcohol - why not, right. Then there are the flavors that are something of a mystery, like Kit Kat Mini Fujisan, as in the famous volcano mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji, or Kit Kat Convey Your Feeling, release. Umm, ok. So Nestlé Japan, we salute you and please just keep 'em coming. 

Sake Flavor KitKat. Taken with an iPhone 6s Plus.