Sake Infused KitKat - why not, right?

KitKat here in Japan is something of a cultural phenomenon. Not content to offer just a few varieties of chocolate, NestlĂ© in Japan has introduced over 200 flavors of the crunchy, chocolate pieces of sweet delight, according to (of course there's a website for this😊).  Flavors have ranged from simple things like banana, creme brĂ»lĂ©e and green tea, to slightly out of the norm flavors such as soy sauce, wasabi and now sake flavor with 0.8% alcohol - why not, right. Then there are the flavors that are something of a mystery, like Kit Kat Mini Fujisan, as in the famous volcano mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji, or Kit Kat Convey Your Feeling, release. Umm, ok. So NestlĂ© Japan, we salute you and please just keep 'em coming. 

Sake Flavor KitKat. Taken with an iPhone 6s Plus.