Leica Smartphone Coming

Definitely didn't see this one coming. According to Leica Rumors, Leica is partnering with Chinese smartphone manufacturer HUAWEI to build a smartphone using both HUAWEI and LEICA technology. Although the press release doesn't give us much in the form of details, I'm guessing this will be similar to LEICA's other partnerships like Panasonic where LEICA will provide the optics and pretty much everything else will be HUAWEI. This would enable HUAWEI to use the LEICA name —implying their smartphone camera is better than other because of this—while also allowing LEICA to test the smartphone waters for possible future "real LEICA" smartphones. Just my two cents on this news. Of course I could be wrong here and LEICA is actually going to make a smartphone using HUAWEI to manufacture it. We'll see. 

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