Photo of the Day - Summer Kimonos

Kimonos are one of those parts of Japan that I love. Unfortunately, these days you don't see them as much. However, in the summer Japanese women, and men break out their Yukatas, a lighter, cooler version of the kimono worn during the warmer summer months. I took this photo below at a local festival in Okinawa City. The sun had just set and it was almost dark outside, making this one of those situations where I was glad I had my Fuji 56mm (85mm equivalent) f/1.2 lens on my XPro1. Being able to shoot this at f/2.0 allowed me to get enough light to make the shot.

Yukatas, summer kimonos in Okinawa, Japan. Shot with a Fuji X-Pro1, 56mm at f2, 1/500 sec.

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