Seijin no Hi, Coming of Age Day in Japan

Today is Seijin no Hi, Coming of Age Day here in Japan. Seijin-no-Hi is a national holiday held on the second Monday of January to celebrate, and congratulate those reaching the age of 20 years old between April 2nd of last year, and April 1st of this year. Ceremonies were held this past weekend at local and prefectural offices, and young people all over Japan dressed  up to celebrate. Many women celebrated by wearing furisode, a style of kimono with long sleeves traditionally meant for unmarried women, while traditional dress for men involves a men's style kimono with hakama. Many men also wore western style suits.

Young people in Naha, Japan celebrating Seijin-no-hi, Coming of Age Day. 2015. Fuji x100s w/ TCL-X100.

Kimonos are not as common in Japan these days, so it's always a treat to see people wearing them. 

Young girls wearing furisode (kimono) in Naha for Seijin no Hi, Coming of Age Day. 2015. Fuji x100s w/ TCL-X100.

A kimono shop in Naha, Japan promoting items for Seigin-no-Hi, Coming of Age Day. Fuji x100s w/ TCL-X100.

I try to get photos each year for Seijin-no-Hi. This year I went to Naha where things get a little crazy sometimes compared to other parts of Okinawa. The young men were more flamboyant, and some were trying their best to upset the local police who had shown up in force, as they do each year to keep the peace.

Posing and having fun for the camera. iPhone 6 Plus video screenshot. See video below.

Here's a short video from the intersection at Kokusai street in Naha shot with my iPhone 6 Plus.

And then there was this guy who thought it would be a good idea to remove his pants. :)

Fuji x100s w/ TCL-X100.

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