iPhone 6 Plus Pre-Ordered

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Apple fan. Like millions around the world I never leave home without my iPhone, I would rather leave without my wallet. So the new iPhone 6 Plus will definitely be replacing my iPhone 5s, and finding a home in my pocket, hopefully it still fits with the much larger screen. I stood in line and pre-ordered mine along with all the other uber geeks, and hope to have one of the first ones available. If all goes well stay tuned for a review, especially on the new camera with optical image stabilization. I'll just ignore all the haters out there who love to use the derogatory term "fanboy", because to me Apple still makes some of the best products available today.

My iPhone 5s next to an iPhone 6 Plus mockup, the closest thing I can get right now to the real thing. :)