Staying focused and the Fuji x100s

Photographers all love gear, to the point of obsession in fact for many of us. We love thinking about the cameras, lenses, lighting gear, and every form of case, bag, or strap. For some, having only one option is like no option at all. For others, it's relief. The Fuji x100s has a fixed 35mm equivalent lens. If you shoot with zoom lenses on a regular basis, having a fixed 35mm can appear to be a disadvantage, but it's actually an advantage, especially for those of us who struggle with any type of attention deficit. Mental focus is simple for many. For some However, it can be pure torture. I'm told I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, or A.D.D., as it's more commonly known. Focus flows with the wind. I'm even struggling to focus on my thoughts to finish this sentence, never mind trying to focus long enough to finish this post. Anyone who shoots with prime lenses understands the creative power of forcing focus by having only one focal length. One camera, one lens, frees you to focus only on what your shooting, not what piece of gear is best to shoot it. While I realize every situation is different, and there are times when you must bring more gear, I believe the more you simplify your gear choices, the better you can perform as a photographer. Although I own both the x100s and the x-pro1, I have learned to appreciate keeping my gear to a minimum with one camera, and one lens forcing me to be creative and work with whatever limitations I apply to myself. The simplicity of the Fuji x100s frees my mind to enjoy using the camera and create, rather than thinking about the gear.

My daughter at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo 2014.

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