Kimono fashion w/ the Fuji x100s and TCL-x100

One of the main reasons I purchased the TCL-x100 for my x100s was to use it occasionally for portraits. The built-in 23mm lens is great for environmental portraits, but I also wanted the ability to get a little closer without distortion getting in the way. Plus, I just like the 50mm focal length sometimes, and it's great for fashion. Anyways, this past weekend I worked with Enve Model Management, a local modeling agency, shooting kimono fashion. I've worked with Enve on and off for the past two years, but this shoot was especially cool since my daughter, Summer, signed with Enve recently. When I found out from the agency manager they were planning a test shoot with kimonos, I jumped at the opportunity. Some of the kimonos are more traditional, while others were more contemporary. The poses are limited with kimonos since the objective is to show the designs of each kimono, but it was still fun. Initially I planned on using my X-Pro1, my go to studio camera, and my 56mm f1.2 lens, but decided to change it up a little, and use my x100s and TCL. I've grown to trust the x100 with almost any shooting situation, and not surprisingly the x100s/TCL duo handled the shoot easily, and made it a little more fun. The agency has a 72" umbrella, and floor kicker light setup on location, so I just plugged in and shot. All images were shot at ISO 200, 1/125sec, f8-f10. Shot JPEG Pro Neg Standard, and edited slightly in Lightroom. All in all, a great shoot.